Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi there!

My name is Katie and I run a shop on etsy called Katie's Crayons. I take old broken crayons and melt them down into new crayons. I opened up my shop because I noticed that I had a lot of old, broken crayons lying around, so I bought a few chocolate molds and I got to work! I've been on etsy since last year and so far I love it!

How do I get a hold of crayons to recycle? I'm working on getting into contact with local restaurants and schools to see if they would be willing to put their old, broken crayons into a drop box for me to pick up. Also, since I do prefer crayola crayons and that's what most people buy, I do accept donations. Depending on the weight/amount of crayons, I give donations/freebies. I'll do another post about that with more information.

Coming soon to Katie's Crayons: Halloween Themed Crayons, Christmas/Thanksgiving/Winter Themed Crayons, and Beads made from old crayon wrappers!