Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi there!

My name is Katie and I run a shop on etsy called Katie's Crayons. I take old broken crayons and melt them down into new crayons. I opened up my shop because I noticed that I had a lot of old, broken crayons lying around, so I bought a few chocolate molds and I got to work! I've been on etsy since last year and so far I love it!

How do I get a hold of crayons to recycle? I'm working on getting into contact with local restaurants and schools to see if they would be willing to put their old, broken crayons into a drop box for me to pick up. Also, since I do prefer crayola crayons and that's what most people buy, I do accept donations. Depending on the weight/amount of crayons, I give donations/freebies. I'll do another post about that with more information.

Coming soon to Katie's Crayons: Halloween Themed Crayons, Christmas/Thanksgiving/Winter Themed Crayons, and Beads made from old crayon wrappers!


  1. Great idea for recycling all those old crayons! I remember having a large shoe box filled with crayons the kids would not touch. Kids are grown now, but I will keep you in mind when I see old crayons.

  2. Great idea! Best wishes!
    I found you via Handmadeology. Following you now.

    Kind regards,



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  3. I still love coloring with crayons ... love the scent and the colors. Remember taping them in the middle, hehehehe

  4. Great recycling!!

    Katie, found your link on the Promotional Frenzy team... thanks for adding my name to your list. I will add you next week when I redo mine.